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Wednesday 21 December 2011

M.C Escher reference

M.C Escher
escher,maurits cornelis escher,

Tessellation's are a mystery to being with, there is a dynamic art to deal with in creating the perfect one. 

Take for example M.C Escher's picture above with the fish and birds, he has created a perfect link to how they can fit inbetween each other; also known as negative space potentially.The picture looks as if its created with both pencils and charcoal to get a rich colour of black. It doesn't look that interesting as there isn't any colours other than the paper and the charcoal. The background is very interesting as the there are fine marks neatly bordering the general picture. 

Another very creative thing to take on board is that the top and bottom show a fish and bird in great detail and gradually he has decreased the detail to just a line drawing. I really like this idea as its definitely something that be easily replicated or recreated to suit a different artist.

Millennium Square Pavement
The real reason I decided to research M.C Escher was because patterns are among us in our daily lives. Like for example during my time on the Bs1 project, I made my journey involving different types of pavement. I have uncovered 10 different types of pavement around this one area of BS1, as I was looking for something that was everyday I noticed that there was a difference in the pathways and areas. This picture I took around millennium square next to the IMAX theatre, the path way as you can see is very modern and has a dynamic look to the area.

Ferry Station Pathway

This path however is from Ferry station; a few metres away from millennium square this pathway gives an audience this is a old historic area. I have realised these paths already give an audience a sense of whether its old or modern. This path suggests that its old as the pattern design would take a while to complete and you can tell that the stone has eroded away through out the years. With this design it is very unique and the person to have designed this must have been influenced by tessellation's and patterns. This looks like a water ripple outcome and as it's close to the river, it would seem relevant.
Water Ripple 

Almost the same as this picture to the left, however in the path above this person has made a grid like structure to his outcome.

From looking in depth to M.C Echer's work, I have seen through these everyday life patterns and how it creates design for everyone. I now understand that these design or new ones will change our perceptions of understanding what is old and what is modern.

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